Some hypnotists or "places" engage in Hypnosis use sales tricks, some will not tell you about thier price up front on the telephone. They get you in the door and there is preasure and sales talk. "Hurry up and write a check!" and they don't listen to you at all, to any of your questions. If they really care and are legitmate, then they would tell the cleint or patient the price, and they should take some time to explain thier procedures. We at Midwest Hypnosis Clinics do take the time.

Whatever challenge is facing you now, you don't need fancy sales talk and pressure. With Midwest Hypnosis Clinics you get up front answers from us everytime. Shop around, look how long they have been there, check references and not just the ones they hand you, or the ones you may see in the newspaper. Some references can be made up (brother, sister, friend, paid person etc). Make the right choice call now us now 701-280-2672 Because we do care and we do all our programs one on one. We treat you like a real person not a number, after all we wouldn't be here for over 36 years if we didn't!