This much we can tell you so far......... 

January 16 1974 it all started out in Fargo, ND  at 1020 !st Ave South. We started the Very first Holistic clinic. or as some say alternative medicine. since then we have had a mobile hypnotic bus that was used to go to towns and help patients that could not come to our Fargo location. In 1975 we had the first float tank or sensory deprivation tank in the state of North Dakota! .We added a lot of new technology to make the float tanks we owned a better  hypnotic experience. In 1982 a private firm in West Fargo, ND had 2 tanks for a limited time. Our float tank units were single  and double and had audio and video. Our tanks designs inspired by Lee and Glenn Perry ( call them the father and mother of the flat tank era) and Dr. John Lilly. but our tanks were made by  samadhi, we modified them a lot.  But in the late 1980’s we sold them and developed better ways to use hypnosis.  There have been lots of claims over the years of new businesses claiming they were the first to do float tanks, or the first holistic clinic or are the oldest clinic around. A simple look at old phone books and you can see we were the first in all three! (float tanks, holistic clinic, clinical hypnotherapy) 

Our staff 

Dr.Skylar Williams  DCH, DP 

Dr.Ralph Weber  DCH, DD (affliated) 

 One of the most respected organizations in clinical hypnotherapy in the upper midwest. 

 Midwest Hypnosis Clinics adheres to a very strict code of ethics. We are affiliated with the training of doctors and other health professionals in the art of hypnotherapy in the US. We have very experienced clinical hypnotherapists who have helped hundreds of clients with a wide range of problems. 

 We have built a state of the art clinic. 

Why were so sucessfull 

We could just say "Thats easy we been in Fargo the longest." What sets us apart from any others, is the experience we have and our education. Let's put it this way, you wouldn't go to a heart doctor to repair your car, why would you then go to a place, that won't even tell you the price up front, take time to answer your questions, and care about you as a person? 

People like us because we treat them like thay want to be treated. With respect. 

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